Google Adwords: A Beginners Guide to Pay Per Click Marketing [Infographic]

So you’ve got your new website live, you’re looking for ways to generate targeted traffic, and you’d like to know more about Google’s pay per click Adwords service?

Doyle Digital share their beginners guide to Google Adwords in this infographic.

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Paying for Google Ads? How Click Fraud Could be Destroying Your Strategy [Infographic]

Are you spending your hard earned money on Google’s Adwords service? Are you aware that a portion of the clicks you pay for could be fake?

Click Guardian demonstrate the dangers of click fraud (including how to spot it) in the infographic below.

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Stop Wasting Money! 9 Tips to Improve Your Google Adwords ROI [Infographic]

Do you pay to advertise your business using Google’s pay per click platform Adwords? Want to know how to make your ad campaigns more efficient and increase your return on investment (ROI)?

For some, Google Adwords can feel like a big black hole. Your budget can be consumed in a matter of minutes and there are seemingly no customers at the end of it. If that sounds familiar it’s time for something new!

We’ve collated these great tips to help you increase the ROI of your Adwords account.

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29 Steps to Launch an Effective Digital Marketing Campaign [Infographic]

So you’re starting a new business, your product or service is ready to go, now you just need to start building your customer base?

For most businesses a digital marketing campaign should be where you start!

By combining a small business website with a search engine optimisation (SEO), pay per click (PPC), social media and content marketing campaign you can successfully grow your business.

Need help getting started? Follow the steps in this infographic from Bulldog.

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The Top 100 Most Expensive Keywords in the UK [Infographic]

Are you considering using Google Adwords to advertise your products or services? Want to know how much the most expensive keywords are paying for each click?

The most expensive keyword on the Google Adwords platform costs a whopping £148.51 per click, that’s enough to annihilate most small business PPC budgets pretty quickly.

Do any of your keywords fall into the top 100?

Check out the infographic from SEMrush below to find out.

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8 Steps to Create the Perfectly Optimised Local Landing Page [Infographic]

Do you want to create local landing pages for an SEO or PPC campaign? Want to know what to put where to keep your visitors and Google happy?

According to this infographic from Bowler Hat your landing page should start with a strong headline. It needs to engage your visitors and convince them to read further down your page.

Next up is a clear call to action where you tell your visitors what they need to do next. This would normally be a button that links off to your contact page.

Most visitors will need to see more before they commit to contacting you though, take a look at the infographic to see what else your landing page should include.

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Social Media Advertising: The Ultimate Ad Size Cheat Sheet for 2016 [Infographic]

Are you considering advertising your products or services on social media? Want to know the ideal ad dimensions for each social network?

With a reported $8 billion spent on social media ads in 2015, advertising on sites like Facebook and Twitter is fast becoming an integral part of many businesses online strategy. If you’re thinking about grabbing a piece of the action, you’ll need to know the ad dimensions each requires you to use.

This handy infographic from Bannersnack will help. It contains up to date ad dimensions for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn.

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